Left-brainers are logical, detail-oriented and good at thinking things out. While not totally lacking in a sense of humor, don't expect a lot of standup comedians to be using the left hemisphere as much while they're on the job. On the other hand, the average programmer, digital investigator or database engineer will be well familiar with that side. Left-brainers write books, too. But those books tend to be on the technical side.
Photographers who shoot with the left side are usually fascinated by the technical side. Zone system controls and lens designs are their forte. Left-brained writers give us our technical manuals and detail-oriented fiction. And they truly make the best geeks.

My latest novel is now available on Amazon, or you can get a signed copy directly from me. Pandora's Shadow is a post-apocalyptic novel about a dude sent from an underground shelter to find and disarm the last nuclear missle. Who knew there would be so many tiny little civilizations pop up after the end of the world?

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