Water at appx. 125 degrees F. 5000ml
Metol 3.1g
Sodium Sulphite (anhydrous) 45g
Hydroquinone 12g
Sodium Carbonate (anhydrous) 67.5g
Potassium Bromide 1.9g
Water to make (68 degrees F) 1000ml
For normal contrast, neutral tones, dilute 1:1 and develop for 2 minutes. Increased dilution results in lower contrast without affecting image tonality. Carefully used with thick-emulsion films, it can result in very long-scale negatives. With tabular grain film it's a disaster waiting to happen. It's big claim to fame is that it can also be used as a high-energy film developer when maximum speed and increased contrast are required. This comes with a significant increase in grain, accompaned by mediocre tonality.


Eastman D72