As an avid photographer and collector of vintage cameras, I buy and sell a lot of equipment. Most large format and medium format equipment is prohibitively expensive, so much of hardware I purchase is bought used. KEH has been a regular vendor for me for many years. They have a clearly explained and well-enforced rating system for their equipment that is very conservative. They are as follows (and I paraphrase the descriptions):


UG:  Ugly. It ain't purdy, but it works

BGN:  Well-used but perfectly functional

Good: Cosmetically, it could be better, but glass all mechanics are very good.

Excellent: Cosmetically and functionally in very good shape.

Mint: Like new, but it aint'


My experience has been that their BGN is everybody else's excellent and their excellent is everybody else's mint. They ship as fast -- or faster than -- any dealer I've ever encountered. When I lived in Vermont, the average shipping time was three business days. Here in Missouri, it's two business days. They over-pack everything for safety in transit. It's almost like having a free supply of bubble wrap when you buy from them! The box is usually about three times larger than it really needs to be, but the result is that, after about 50 purchases from them over the past five years, I've never gotten a damaged shipment.


While I do buy a lot of used equipment on eBay or from various forums, any time I want to purchase something that I know will get a lot of heavy use and that I know I intend to keep for a long time...I go to KEH.   

KEH Photo


Contact Information:

4900 Highlands Pkwy SE,
Smyrna, GA 30082

US: 1-800-342-5534

International: 1-770-333-4200

Fax: (844) 364-1570