Directory of

Literary Agents

A P Watt - UK literary agency

Aaron M. Priest Literary Agency  Aaron M. Priest, 708 Third Ave., 23rd Floor, New York, NY 10017-4103. Hot-shot agent with huge sales record. Hard to get into, but if you do.....


*Adler and Robin Books Literary Agency - Washington, DC agency, specializing in computer books.


ABS Literary Agency, Inc

P.O. Box 397
Ashland, Oregon 97520-0014. At the moment, they're not accepting new submissions (10/18/13), but expect that may change in the future.


Ahearn Agency Inc 

2021 Pine Street
New Orleans, LA 70118. 504-861-8395


*Alive Communications Christian fiction and non-fiction only. These guys are the heavy artillery in Christian Fiction. Email queries are acceptable as long as you follow the guidelines on their site. 

Amy Rennert Agency: 98 Main Street, #302 Tiburon, CA 94920. Has closed several significant deals.


The Axelrod Agency Steven Axelrod 49 Main Street, PO Box 357, Chatham, NY 12037, 518-392-2100. According to Publisher's Weekly, he's closed a number of six-digit deals.


Azure Literary Agency - Azure represent writers in fiction, non-fiction, film and television. No reading fee.


Bert P. Krages, Attorney at Law - Literary agent and legal services for writers, photographers, and visual artists.


Bigscore Productions Religious nonfiction / inspirational. This agency has closed a lot of really big deals for the Christian fiction/nonfiction crowd.


BKNelson Literary Agency and Lecture Bureau - Our goal is to manage the careers of published writers and launch the careers of writers yet to be published.


Blanche C. Gregory Inc.  Smaller agency dealing primarily with literary projects. Not much into genre work.


Book Deals Will look at almost anything. They're also book packagers and generate some of their own project ideas.


Bookends, Inc.  An agency willing to take on newer writers.


Carlisle and Company - A Manhattan-based literary agency serving writers of fiction and non-fiction.


Cornerstone Literary Agency - Contains submission guidelines for this Los Angeles, CA firm.


David Hiatt Literary Agency - Representing literary property around the world, David Hiatt has over 35 years of writing and editing experience and over a dozen years as successfully marketing book-length manuscripts.


DeFiore and Company - Literary management company dedicated to the long-term career growth of authors and other copyright holders.


DHS Literary  Likes hard-boiled mystery and suspense. Works a lot in the thriller genre. Also does a lot of nonfiction.


*Doris Michaels Agency  Literary fiction, business books and self-help. Does not like "genre" fiction. Accepts short email queries in the body of the email text.


Dunham Literary  Fiction in general. Not really genre-specific. One of the few agencies I found that targets the children's fiction market.


*Eddie Kritzer Production Represents film and books. ONLY accepts queries by email.


Elizabeth Puttick Literary Agency - London-based agency representing authors for nonfiction (including self-help, spirituality, health, science, history, business, women's issues)


Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency - We have been in business for over 17 years and are a member of AAR. We accept unsolicited submissions and, of course, do not charge a reading fee.


*Farber Literary Agency  Rather exclusive agency that takes on few new clients. Great agency if you can land them. Accepts short email queries in the body of the email text.


*Fogelman Agency  Another high-power agency that can be difficult to break into, but turns writers into millionaires. Accepts queries in the body of the email text.


Gail Ross Literary Agency - Washington-based, run by a lawyer, publishing consultant, and literary agent.


Graybill & English, L.L.C. - Washington, DC firm which specializes in law and agentry for literary, art, entertainment, and media clients.



*Hartline Literary Agency  Specializes in religious fiction. Accepts email queries.


Hornfischer Literary Management - Hornfischer

Literary Management, Inc., (HLM) is a literary agency with a strong track record handling a broad range of serious and commercial nonfiction and select fiction, including several New York Times bestsellers.


*Jane Dystel Agency  Jane's agency is one of those low-profile, high-caliber agencies that can be very picky about what she takes on, but her track record shows her to be one of the best. General fiction and non-fiction. Accepts email queries.


Jennifer Jackson - New York City, NY agent, no reading fees, member of AAR. Fiction specialist in all genres of commercial novel-length fiction, especially mystery, suspense, science fiction, fantasy, romance, and women's fiction.


Jenny Bent, Literary Agent - Represent literary fiction, women's commercial fiction, and popular nonfiction in the areas of health, psychology, spirituality, history, biography, and memoir.


Joelle Delbourgo Associates Inc  An agency with a huge track record of sales. They have rather specific submission requirements, so check out their website before sending anything in.


John Hawkins and Associates - The company work with a wide array of authors and represent domestic and foreign book publishing rights, audio, video, and film.


*John Talbot Most areas of fiction, but NO Sci-Fi, Romance, Fantasy or Westerns. Likes a short emailed query explaining the project and the writer's credentials.


*KNI Literary Agency - We're a highly energetic, full-service literary agency, representing authors of fiction and nonfiction. Queries/submissions via email only.


*Knight Agency  Romance, Women's Fiction, Religious and Self-help. ONLY accepts emailed queries. See their guidelines on their website.


Linda Roghaar Agency Almost any fiction EXCEPT Romance, Horror or Sci-Fi.


*Literary and Creative Artists Inc.  Literary generalists. Looks at everything, but can be picky. Accepts emailed queries, but no attachments. 


Literary and Creative Artists, Inc. - Representing authors of fiction and nonfiction for a general adult audience to

commercial trade publishers. Specializes in self-help, health, spirituality, literary fiction, and other genres.


*Manus & Associates  Another

high-caliber agency that is willing to look at first-time writers. They love thrillers, but not horror. Emailed queries are okay as long as there are no attachments. They have several agents, so check out their website to see which one would be best for you.



ZSL Literary - Zachary Shuster Harmsworth Literary Agency - ZSH Literary is a New York and Boston based full service literary agency representing all types of fiction and non-fiction.  

Margret McBride Literary Agency - 20-year-old agency representing commercial fiction and nonfiction, business projects.


*Marly Rusoff & Associates, Inc. - A literary agency representing a select group of writers of quality fiction and nonfiction. Our clients include award-winning, best seller authors but we delight in discovering new talent. They do accept email queries, but have specific guidelines. See their website.


*Natasha Kern Literary Agency - Represents book-length fiction (women's mainstream, romances, historical, thrillers, suspense) and nonfiction (including health, science, spirituality, business, controversial issues, self-help). Email a short query letter and the first five pages to

New Elite Literary Agency - Provides their business profile, services, and submission guidelines for today's published and unpublished fiction novelists and short story collection writers.


New England Publishing Associates  Nonfiction only, but does just about every type of nonfiction imaginable.


Pacific NW Literary Associates - Information on literary representation in the Pacific Northwest. Submission guidelines and biography.


*Paraview Literary Agency - Representing scientists, authors and innovators worldwide. Email short queries in body of email to

Paul Levine Agency   One of the larger and more respected agencies around. These folks do take on new authors from time to time, but they're very picky.


Pema Browne Ltd. - Woodland Hills, CA firm representing authors and illustrators. Contains submissions guidelines, information on new and forthcoming books, samples for illustrators, and contact information.


Peter Rubie Agency  Does a lot of nonfiction. Also likes thrillers, crime fiction, Sci-Fi and fantasy. Is very picky about submissions packages. See his website before submitting.


Publishers Marketplace - Provides membership information for publishing professionals and provides web pages for writers and agents to promote themselves.


Reece Halsey North Literary Agency - Tiburon, CA firm which specializes in mysteries, fiction and non-fiction. Contains information about the agency, about its author clients, submission guidelines, and contact information.


Richard Curtis Associates - Well-established and respected New York agency, handling authors of both conventional books and multimedia.


Richard Henshaw Group  While Richard's agency is one of the most respected in the industry, they take on very few new clients. To attract their attention, make sure you have a very sound project in hand.


Richard Shepard  Only does nonfiction. Don't waste your time or his submitting a novel. But if you've got books on current affairs, sports, unusual true stories taken from history, then see his web site for submissions requirements.


RLR Associates Ltd. - Literary Dept. - The Literary Division at RLR Associates has been representing authors of fiction and non-fiction for more than 20 years and serves more than 50 clients.


Robert E. Shepard Agency - Agency representing authors of serious non-fiction books.

*Roslyn Targ Agency  Accepts emailed submissions. No website.


*Sagalyn Agency  This agency is a high-powered agency, but still takes on new writers. They require that writers send a short query be email to before sending a manuscript.


Sanford J. Greenburger Associates  This is a very large agency with a number of individual agents working together. Check out their website and query one agent that looks right for your work.


Sheree Bykofsky Associates, Inc. - Agent, book packager and author and co-editor books.


Soaring Spirits Literary Agency - Poetry, fiction, novels and other genres.


Strachan Literary Agency - Specialising in literary fiction.


Studio B - Represents computer book authors.


*Swayne Agency  Mostly non-fiction and memoirs of famous people. Don't waste your time sending a novel.


Ted Weinstein Literary Management - Literary agent representing authors of intelligent non-fiction, especially history, science, business, current affairs, environment and narrative non-fiction. No fees, follows AAR code of ethics.


The Fogelman Literary Agency - From the traditional retail book sale to the latest e-publishing opportunities in romance, women's fiction and non-fiction, mystery and suspense, from television to audio to foreign rights...


The Larsen-Pomada Literary Agency - San Francisco, CA location providing assistance to authors since 1972. Contains submission guidelines and tips on find an agent and publisher.


The Literary Group  This agency handles a large group of authors and has a very specific submission procedure. See their website before sending anything in.


The Rosenberg Group Does college text books and a small amount of fiction. Fiction interests are Romance, Women's Fiction and Literary Fiction.


The Seymour Agency - Canton, NY firm specializing in thrillers, literary novels and nonfiction stories. Contains information on upcoming events, titles in publication, and contact information.


The Vines Agency, Inc. - We are an independent literary agency located in New York City, dedicated to providing full-service representation and management for clients.


Venture Literary, LLC - Venture Literary is a literary agency that specializes in placing aspiring authors with publishing houses.


Victoria Sanders & Associates - Literary & Lecture Representation - Represents writers of contemporary and literary fiction and non-fiction, also coordinates public speaking opportunities.


Warwick Associates - Publishing Consultants, Publicity Services, Literary Agents - Warwick Associates helps authors and publishers sell more books; also literary agents, foreign rights, distribution and marketing.


Waterside Productions, Inc. - Focus on computer and technology authors including other non-fiction topics; information on annual conference.


West Coast Writers Agency - Vancouver based literary services. Evaluations, editing, illustrations, submissions, representation.


William Clark Associates  Fiction in most genres is acceptable. Send a brief synopsis in the body of the email. No attachments.


*Writers' Representatives  This agency has a very high class lineup of authors, yet still looks at new writers. Email your submission, using the guidelines on their page.


Xanadu Literary Agency - UK literary agency that represents both published and unpublished writers in both fiction and nonfiction. Offers services for writers including translations, and editorial/proofreading.