Assault on Christian Island is the story of several young adults who chose the wrong summer religious retreat. First came the mind control exper-iments, and then came the FBI!
This is a "Gunslinger Meets Lucifer’s Hammer" story of the post-nuclear world. Norman Johannsen is a fifth-generation shelter dweller who is dispatched on a mission to the surface that will take him across half a continent. He is surprised to discover that the world a few miles away from the decimated landscape surrounding the shelter has healed itself and moved on. When a band of roving scavengers destroys his ride, Norman finds himself on foot an in need of help. 
Digital Archaeology is a key resource for anyone preparing for a career as a professional investigator; for IT professionals who are sometimes called upon to assist in investigations; and for those seeking an explanation of the processes involved in preparing an effective defense, including how to avoid the legally indefensible destruction of digital evidence. Ben Rothke of InfoSec World wrote, ""For those looking for an introductory text on the topic of digital forensics, Digital Archaeology: The Art and Science of Digital Forensics is an excellent read. Its comprehensive overview of the entire topic, combined with the author's excellent writing skills and experience, make the book a worthwhile reference."
One man was an ex-soldier, a person who overcame his fear and through quick action saved dozens of lives. The other, also an ex-soldier, was a sick masochist who got too much pleasure out of tormenting and abusing prisoners. Isn’t it odd how the home town crowd picks their heroes?


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